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Tech Home Protect Plus
Only $7.95 per Month
Covers 4 computers,
tablets or mobile devices
(any combinations) with Anti-Virus,
File Backup & Password Management.


Tech Home Support
Only $12.95 per Month
In addition to the
Tech Home Protect Plus package
you will receive Home Network Management
(24/7 unlimited support for ALL your connected electronics).

Whether you're trenching in a field, planting a tree, putting in a new mailbox post or digging a
foundation, Iowa law requires everyone to locate underground utilities before digging.
FIRST, contact Iowa One Call at 811 to begin the process, then WAIT 48 hours
(excluding Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays) BEFORE any digging begins.
Anyone who cuts or damages any lines belonging to RVTC, or is not in compliance with
Iowa One Call rules when lines are damaged, will be turned into
Iowa One Call and the Iowa Attorney General’s office.
RVTC will also bill the cost of all labor and materials to repair damages.

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