Smart Home

Mission Statement

The mission of River Valley Telecommunications Coop is to provide exceptional customer service that meets and exceeds our customers' ever-increasing advanced technological needs by offering reliable, dependable, high-quality and innovative telecommunications solutions.


We are committed to providing:

  • Effective voice, video and data communication
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Support to our local communities and beyond
  • Peace of mind to the people we serve by developing remarkable communications solutions
  • Efficient, multi-dimensional conveniences to general users in their businesses, farms and homes.

By providing valuable products and services to our clients, our goal is to develop long-term positive and mutually beneficial relationships based on honesty and trust.


Some services we provide are:


Business Solutions:

  • Business Phone Systems
  • Surveillance Cameras
  • Commercial Audio

Smart Solutions:

  • Smart Home
  • Smart Farm
  • Smart Care
  • Smart Business

Residential Solutions:

  • Home Theater
  • Whole Home Audio
  • Infrastructure Cabling

Plus additional products and services.


For more information contact:

Shawn Schany


Ph: 712-859-3300

Cell: 712-922-9691